Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority

Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) came in to existence as a registered society on
30th January 1996. The School & Mass Education(S & ME) department in the Government of Odisha has the responsibility to achieve the goals of Universal Elementary Education (UEE).
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“Organization of In-service Training of the Teachers of Elementary and Secondary Schools of Odisha”
Guidelines 2011-12
Teacher is the most crucial input in the process of Education. Trained and Committed teachers in all the schools will make it an attractive place for learning. Teachers working in primary, upper primary and high schools of Odisha have varied background so far as content and pedagogical knowledge, motivational level, qualification and level of learning are concerned. In Odisha a lot of teachers recruited as untrained have not gone pre-service training and hence are under qualified. Even trained teachers also lack some of the pedagogical concept as well as content. Hence there is a need to prepare a comprehensive training design for different categories of teachers working in primary, upper primary and secondary level such as in-service teachers, newly recruited teachers, under qualified teachers, head teachers, teachers working at BRC, CRC and Block level.

Further training to teachers is imparted by various agencies such as SSA, SCERT, ELTI, Board of Secondary Education and others. The Concept and Inputs provided by these institutions varies from programmers to programmers.

In order to tackle all these issues, while organizing training programmes for teachers, guiding principles needs to be followed.
Keeping these in view, a two day workshop was organized at Institution of Engineers, Bhubaneswar on 23-24 December 2010 for elementary level and 27-28 December, 2010 for Secondary level by the Department of School and Mass Education Department. In that meeting it was decided that the following guiding principles needs to be followed while organizing training programme for the teachers both in secondary and elementary level.
Guiding Principles of Teacher Training Program:
  • Training to teacher needs to be build on the felt needs and sharing experiences of the teachers.
  • Integrated training plan needs to be provided to the teachers for the year 2011-12 for two levels, elementary and secondary.
  • The elementary level training will comprise both content based and theme based. On the content side, the teachers has to chose two subjects in which he wants to take up the training for 10 days (5 days each) on these he has to take up training on RTE (03 days), NCF (03 Days) and CCE (04 days)
  • The secondary level training would be for 5 days which would be only content based i.e., Oriya, English, History, Geography, Mathematics and Science.
  • Training to teachers on English would be coordinated by ELTI with 3 days content up-gradation and 2 days spoken English.
  • There will be a single module to be used by different organizations like SSA, SCERT, ELTI and BSE.
  • The unit cost for organization of the training programme will be the same for all the programmes.
  • No teachers should get training for more than 20 days in a year.
Target groups:
  • In-service teachers of Elementary level working in Government and Government aided schools of both S&ME and SC&ST Development department will get 20 days training on content and theme.
  • In-service teachers of Secondary level working in Government and Government aided schools of both S&ME and SC&ST Development department will get 5 days training on content only.
  • All newly recruited trained teachers of Elementary level (SS) will get 30 days training in a phased manner(15 days training+ 10 days practice+5 days consolidation).
  • All un-trained teachers will get 60 days training in a year through Distance Education program run by SCERT.
  • Teachers working at Block and Cluster resource centres will get training for 10 days in a year.
  • Separate trainings will be organized for the Elementary level and Secondary level.
  • One teacher from each Govt. School would participate in the training including teachers from SC&ST Development Dept.
  • No school will remain closed during the training programme.
  • The dates for training for the whole year have been finalized at the State level in consultation with the District personnel.
  • These dates should not be deviated from at any cost.
  • The organisers of the training programs should have the names of the trainers and trainees on the first day of the training
  • The list of trainees and trainers should be pasted on the wall of the training venue.
  • Banners of the training programme may be hung both outside and inside the training hall.
  • Logistic arrangements should be appropriate for the training programme.
  • The trainer should have the module with them before they begin the training.
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