Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority

Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) came in to existence as a registered society on
30th January 1996. The School & Mass Education(S & ME) department in the Government of Odisha has the responsibility to achieve the goals of Universal Elementary Education (UEE).
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An attempt to facilitate the teaching learning process in side classroom and to monitor the schooling process
SAMIKSHYA (Performance Tracking and Monitoring Process)
Samiksha is a process to track the performance of all the Elementary & Secondary Schools and Teachers’ Training Institutes in the following 05 broad areas.

a) School Environment,
b) Curricular Programme,
c) Co-curricular Programme,
d) School Community Link
e) School Management.

A dedicated Performance Tracking Cell is being functioning in the School and Mass Education Dept. to manage this school monitoring process. CRCC, BRCC. SIS, DI of Schools, State Level Officers (Assistant Directors, Inspector of Schools, Deputy Directors, Joint Directors) etc. are the Monitoring Officers. Training in this regard to about 6,000 officers has been provided in phases. Various formats for this purpose have been developed, printed and disseminated to the officers. The Monitoring Officers are also given scope to collect information on the following aspects -
  • Teacher’s Post Sanctioned
  • Teachers Present on the date of visit
  • Number of classroom available
  • Attendance of the children / teachers
  • Enrolment Position of the School

The CRCCs are also instructed to visit 10 schools (at least) in a month and spend whole day in the School. They shall monitor the school in 80 indicators. Take demonstration classes and observe at least two classroom transactions. Interact with teachers, few students and VEC/SMC members. They will decide the activities to be taken up in the next month in consultation with teachers.

The BRCC / SI of Schools are instructed to visit 05 schools (at least) preferably Upper Primary / Elementary Schools in a month and spend at least 02 hours in a school and observe the classroom transaction. They shall monitor the school in 80 indicators. They shall decide the activities to be taken up in the next month of consultation with the teachers.

Every month the BRCCs & CRCCs shall complete the monitoring activities, compile it in the given Compilation Format and submit it to the competent authority for further analysis.  

The DPC / DI of Schools were instructed to Visit 05 Secondary Schools & TTIS (Teacher Training Institutes) and send the report to the SMO (State Monitoring Officer) separately on 40 indicators. They shall spend at least 02 hours in the school on the day of visit and observe the classroom transaction.

For the State Monitors Districts have been allocated. A format has been developed i.e. MF – III in which they shall collect the information on 40 indicators and submit the report directly to the SPO, OPEPA.

This is an on-going process and is focused on the tracking of provisions of RCFCE Act and corrective measures at school level every month.

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