Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority

Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) came in to existence as a registered society on
30th January 1996. The School & Mass Education(S & ME) department in the Government of Odisha has the responsibility to achieve the goals of Universal Elementary Education (UEE).
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Labanyaprava Nodal UPS, Khandapada
Labanyaprava Nodal School is situated in Khandapada block of Nayagarh district. The community especially VEC and MTA members' dedication is quite admirable for the school. The VEC as well as MTA members counsel the parents for sending their children in a regular manner. All festivals of school are being celebrated by the active participation of the villagers. VEC members support in monitoring and supervision of civil work. Not only in non-pedagogical sector but also the exemplary work done by VEC for pedagogical development of children is considerable. The VEC appointed 4 nos. of community teachers named Aruna Pradhan, Pitabasa Mohapatra, Sarojini Pradhan, and Gouranga Pradhan and the amount paid for honorarium of the community teacher is entirely borne by the community. Like this the VEC extends active help in all sorts of development work are being managed at school and community level.

Bahada Project Upper Primary School
Bahada Project Upper Primary School is found in Khandapada block, Banamalipur G.P having a good VEC, which serves the school for holistic development comprising cognitive, social, environmental and institutional aspect resulted in to achieving quality in education. The VEC President took an active role by assembling all committee members as well as the community for construction of kitchen, child friendly element like swing, slide, creation of healthy environment in the school campus with measures for sanitation is the first motto of the community to attract their children for education. For this the plantation work is being undertaken. They are cooperating in all types of occasions of the school.

Srirampur Primary School , Dasapalla
Srirampur Primary School is situated in Nachhipur Gram Panchayat of Dasapalla block visualizes such a clear-cut example of community participation that it is at par of belief unless and until one visits the school campus. A person has to pay Rs. 500/- penalty if he/she destroys any material or plucks flowers, leafs without the knowledge of the villagers. Really this is a very rare case in the district where the community makes this type of rule. They have purchased a plot of 68 decimals at the cost of plantation of banana, teak, sal, fruits and flowers. The VEC and MTA members have done the plantation work. The MTA members regularly visit the school for supervision in mid-day meal programme and they also supply vegetables to supplement the mid-day meal and motivate parents for regular attendance of children in the school. The VEC members mobilized the PRI members to contribute one lakh rupees for the construction of compound wall. This year the VEC members and other people have contributed Rs. 600/- to ensure better quality of school uniform for girls.

Sarankul Project Primary School , Odagaon
Sarankul Project PS depicts the active involvement of VEC members. The VEC members prepare the action plan before hand to organize any programme of the school. They prepare but also involve themselves in the programme, mobilize the villagers, MTA members to cooperate in school development. They distribute sweets among children on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day out of their own pocket money. Recently, barbed wire fencing and plantation of vegetables has been done with active involvement of VEC members.

Success Story of Mother Teacher Association
The MTA of Solapata UGME schools of odagaon block has played an active part in promoting the school environment and strengthen the physical environment of school by constructing child friendly item in the school campus. It was discovered that the physical, social, institutional and cognitive environment of the school found very discouraging. After induction training to MTAs, Mrs. Damayanti Jena, MTA president took a leading role to strengthen the school.

Due to the involvement and close monitoring of MTA additional classroom has been constructed in the school and the physical and institutional climate has been changed. The school strengthened with various child friendly items. The MTA members contributed Rs 1200/- towards construction of slide in the school campus. They also take care of the teachers as well as students regularity. The members of MTA give attention toward the progress of the children.

Since that day the children are regular and the MTA meetings are held regularly. The teacher who was irregular became regular.

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