Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority

Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) came in to existence as a registered society on
30th January 1996. The School & Mass Education(S & ME) department in the Government of Odisha has the responsibility to achieve the goals of Universal Elementary Education (UEE).
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Nuagaon P.S.
Mothers come to the school regularly & found to be noticed in the prayer period, Mid day meal distribution. This is a real picture of Nuagaon primary school situated in Nuagaon G.P. of Nuagaon block. Pranati Khanduala, MTA president has a lot of contribution towards mobilizing other members of MTA & village to look after for the promotion of educationThe children are being imparted on health on hygiene by the MTA members. The other members like Pankajini Pradhan, Bijayini Khandual, Susama Pradhan, always come to the school to help teachers in MDM programme alsa provide vegetables to supplement MDM Sandhyarani Sahoo & Pranati Khandual are also involved in classroom transation. Sanjukta Behera is preparing on cost low teaching learning material for school. However the MTA members' efforts encouraged th children, teachers to march forward for quality.

Gania Girls Primary School , Gania
Gania Girls' Primary School shows a remarkable achievement in the field of community involvement for Pedagogical improvement. All MTA members come and provide support for the promotion of school environment. Recently, the MTA members mobilized all parents for development of a corpus fund. Till date Rs. 150/- has been collected. Kalpana Mishra, MTA President, Vishnupriya Das-Member, Mamata Sahoo, Sasmita Behera come to school to provide support in classroom transaction.

Dhusuma Primary School , Odagaon
Little educated mother Manjari Bisoi of Dhusuma village belongs to Dhusuma Primary School under Angisingi Panchayat of Odagaon block. She is successfully continuing in a self-help group also a member of MTA. She was very much mobilized by the MTA training programme-conducted by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. Nowadays she comes to school regularly and if there is absence of teachers then she involved herself in class room transaction at lower level. Not only class room activity but she always thinks and involves herself in creation of beautiful environment by plantation of different flowers, vegetables in the school premises taking all children with her. If the cook is absent she does not hesitate to prepare the mid-day meal. If somebody asks her then she narrates that it is our school where our children are receiving education here, if our children grow well then our village will also prosper.

Paiksahi Primary school , Odagaon
One cannot imagine it until he/ she visits the school personally. The MTA of the School is being highly influenced by the training programme on roles and duties of MTA members for over all development of the school. They come to school on rotation and look after the distribution of MDM. Teaching Learning Materials have been prepared by the cooperative effort of the MTA members and students. Every day they come and clean the school premises, which is highly admirable.

Case Study of mainstreamed girl from adolescent girls camp
Sabita Behera, 11-year-old girl has shown her excellence in the adolescent girl camp that is recently mainstreamed in the nearest primary school in class- III. Sabita is surviving with her parents and 2 younger brother Bati Behera & Sukanti Behera in village Machhipada. The family is landless being managed out of the income of father who is engaged in grazing of goats and share cultivation of other families of the village. The poverty stricken family and conservative outlook led towards non-enrolment of Sabita in school. She has been mobilized by the facilitator of the adolescent girls camp to join the camp. Although she was non- enrolled still she acquired all such competency of class-II level within 8 months.

Soudamini Nayak, 10-year-old girl dropped out from class 4 from Muthagadia P.S. situated in that village due to low achievement level in her study. She is surviving with his father Rabi Nayak mother Ahalya Nayak and 2 (two) Nos. of sisters. Woodcutting is the only income source of the family. When she was asked about her study. She told that School education was very much non-interesting which led to lack of good performance. She has completed Sanjukta 4 within 7 months and presently has been mainstreamed in the nearest PS Muthagadia from which she was dropped out since one year and 7 months. Soudamini has a very keen interest for tailoring. According to the facilitator of the camp although Soudamini was weak in study but she was trying her best to promote the educational level and prepare herself to come to school.

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